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3 Ways to Increase your Cash Flow in your business

HFA Resource Center, Showroom 1-527 in Plaza Suites – Sundaay, April 14 2024 @ 2:30 pm

Global Pet Expo

Global Pet Expo

Hey there, folks!

It’s me, Dan. Join me at the Global Pet Expo!

Come on down to Global Pet Expo, the ultimate gathering place for all things pet-related! Get ready to witness the latest innovations in the industry and be a part of the exciting world of pets. Join us and be a part of the action!

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Global Pet Expo Presentation

Dan jablons giving a presentation at Global Pet Expo!

Recent Events

The Best furniture buyers do these five things

Join us for a seminar with Dan Jablons from Retail Smart Guys to learn the strategies used by successful retail buyers. Find out how they increase sales, cash flow, market dominance, and profitability.

Surf Expo Event

Surf Expo is the largest and longest-running watersports and beach lifestyle tradeshow in the world. Since 1976, retailers from around the globe have relied on Surf Expo to identify new trends, and brands. and to get business done.

USRA Workshop seminar

USRA offers money-saving benefits and services along with networking opportunities.
We are in business to help your business.


Welcome to the Retail and Grooming Conference Education, Grooming Contests, Entrepreneurs, and Business Education.

Business planning
& strategy

  • RSPA
  • Merchandise Planning
  • Forecasting
  • Open to Buy Services
  • Cash Flow
  • Better Margin
  • Better Marketr Share
  • New Technologies

Retail Smart Guys provides the finest in merchandise planning, forecasting, and open-to-buy services for independent retailers. We work with retailers in 16 countries, from single-store “mom and pop” to 50 store chains. Our key function is to help retailers plan their sales, and then their inventory and purchases, so they achieve great cash flow. For other VARs or members of the RSPA, we would love to partner with you to bring a comprehensive solution to your customers that brings them better cash flow, better margins, and better market share.

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Retail Smart Guys Announces New Services to Help Retailers Focus on Priorities During and After Covid-19 Pandemic

Retail Smart Guys, a California-based consulting firm, announced today the addition of 3 new services to help retailers reduce costs on basic store administration while enabling merchants to focus on the key drivers to their business.
“The idea is simple,” said Dan Jablons, President of Retail Smart Guys. “Right now, we know that independent retailers must be hyper-focused on faster inventory turns, perfect assortments, and customer engagement. We developed these services so that retailers can spend their time on that, and not on administrative functions.”

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Cashflow in This or Any Economy Seminar

Hey there, folks!

It’s me, Dan. Join me at the HFA @ High Point Market on Sunday, October 15, 2023 (10:30 A.M). Don’t miss this kind of opportunity, let’s talk about how Mastering the art of cash flow management is a must for any business, no matter the economic climate.

Remember to mark your calendar, there are a lot of things you will know to help your business, trust me. We’ll be rocking the HFA Resource Center Showroom, first floor Plaza Suites.

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ToyFest West

This is me during the ToyFest West event held in World Market Center Las Vegas from 27 February to 3 March 2023.
What is exhibited in ToyFest West?

ToyFest West has appointments with national and international exhibitors of Toys, Hobby, Video games, Do-it-yourself, Leisure, and other trade shows in Do it yourself.

How to reconfigure your business game plan for the new normal

Nothing goes. studio opened as4, after decades of global design creativit.

An Olympia, Wash., massage studio and retail store uses intuition to help make the world be a better place.

At CMC Uploaded, Dan Jablons of Retail Smart Guys Discusses Plans for 2021

Dan Jablons moonlights as an actor and appeared on the television show “Curb Your Enthusiasm” as the lawyer for comedian Larry David. But for more than 15 years he has run the Los Angeles–headquartered consultancy Retail Smart Guys. On Jan. 8, he hosted a webinar called “How to Make 2021 Make Up for 2020” for the virtual trade show CMC Uploaded, an ongoing series begun by the California Market Center in Los Angeles last August.

Landlords Have Some Advice in Store for Tenants
By MAYA MEINERT – 2/2/2009
Los Angeles Business Journal Staff

With big-box stores and boutiques shuttering left and right, landlords are facing more and more vacancies, and they’re trying harder to prevent them from cropping up. Some have offered discounts on rents, but others are now paying for business consultants to advise their tenants, a service most haven’t offered in the past.

Essential Links

Management One

This company provides the greatest consulting and management service that we’ve ever seen. That’s why we became an affiliate of theirs!

WhizBang Retail Training

This is a great retail training program put together by our friends at WhizBang. Special price if you use the link here!

Max Retail

Max Retail helps brands and retailers like you sell your unsold inventory through our global network of online and off-line retailers.

Granite Telecommunications

Came to us highly recommended, especially for multi store accounts. They manage all your phone lines and telecommunications, with one point of contact. Call Michael Anderson at 212-674-4661 for more info.

Consumer Affairs POS Systems

This is a great resource to help you begin to understand the process of buying a POS system.

Merchant Cost Consulting

Merchant Cost Consulting is a Cost Reduction Firm That Helps Businesses Lower Their Credit Card Processing Costs and Lower Processing Fees

A great site to let you know what is happening in the world of POS right now. Also good to find local POS vendors and products.

POS Reviews

Reviews of several POS systems, take a look.

When To Work Scheduling Program

This company provides fantastic online scheduling for employees. Worth taking a look!


We are a member of this community, and we recommend that all of you join it!

Physical Inventory Support Services

Sara Roberts Support Services (SRSS) specializes in providing accurate and efficient processes and solutions for auditing and performing any type of physical inventory.

Great Backup Solution

If you are looking for a phenomenal (and I mean, phenomenal) backup solution for your data, I have found it for you. Check out this link.

Retail Clarity Consulting

The design of the physical expression of your brand — in all its manifestations — must be done strategically… and Retail Clarity Consulting can help you make your brand meaningful… and extraordinary.

Retail Dimensions

These guys provide web integrations for ecommerce as well as custom software solutions. Their service is impeccable.

Profits Plus

This site provides tools and education to help retail businesses work smarter.

Retail Trade Consulting

We are listed here!

​Total Mail Defense

A great time saving solution to stop email spam, email viruses, and mal-ware.

Factory Outlet Insiders

This company provides the News, Updates and Promotions about the Factory Outlet Industry. This is great Factory Outlet Industry.

Everything you always wanted to know about barcodes in retail, manufacturing and more! Great site with lots of information and suggestions. Has a free online bar code generator.