As we embark on the exciting journey that is 2024, I wanted to share something that has proven to be a game-changer for our clients at Retail Smart Guys and that is our Inventory Planning service.

Navigating the ebb and flow of retail demands a strategic approach. With our Inventory Planning service, we go beyond traditional methods. We analyze your inventory comprehensively and, if needed, reclassify it to align precisely with your buying needs. 

We delve deep into our client’s inventory, ensuring it aligns seamlessly with their strategic buying objectives.

Each class receives a meticulously crafted monthly open-to-buy plan, offering a detailed roadmap for purchasing.

For multi-store retailers, our planning extends to each location, ensuring a cohesive and effective strategy across all outlets.

Our success isn’t just defined by numbers; it’s found in the stories shared by our retail family. 

They’ve spoken of reduced markdowns, enhanced profitability, and the assurance of having optimal inventory levels – stories that go beyond the balance sheet.

If you’re ready to take your retail strategy to new heights in 2024, Retail Smart Guys’ Inventory Planning service is your strategic ally.

We ensure not just planning but precision in every step, reducing markdowns, and maximizing profitability.

Contact us to learn more or get started. Let’s redefine your retail strategy together.


Dan Jablons

Retail Smart Guys

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