If you are looking for the best restaurant nearby, searching for home cleaning tools, or seeking tips on dealing with finances, typically, you resort to Google as your search engine. 

Yet, with the evolution of time, Google is now becoming a lesser go-to platform to seek answers as social media overtakes and leads as the new search engine, especially for Generation Z. 

But how did social media do it? 

With the overwhelming information available on the internet, bite-sized videos and concise texts have been the deal on social media. 

Also, interactive videos, creative texts, and digestible content are becoming more favorable to consumers than the typical Google search result, which is considered less appealing. 

Moreover, the presence of influencers presenting the information backed by their high number of social media engagements is considered more trustworthy by the audience. 

Even if a social media user is not particularly looking for a product, the way these influencers present brands and promote them to the audience makes it enticing, leading to a sale. 

Given this, how can businesses maximize social media as search engines? 

Knowing that consumers are utilizing social media platforms to discover brands, products, services, and the like, businesses like yours need to optimize your content to be relevant in the social media search result. 

You can use the various services from Retail Smart Guys, such as our social media content creation, creating an explainer video, and content creation to make your social media posts attention-grabbing and effective for your target market. 

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Aside from that, including keywords and/or hashtags in your captions and bio is essential to drive more brand awareness. Also, taking advantage of social media tools such as advertising your posts can aid in broadening your reach, especially to new potential customers. 

Don’t get left behind in the ever-changing digital landscape. 

Harness the power of social media as a search engine with Retail Smart Guys.