Today, online platforms, like emails and social media applications, are often utilized in marketing strategies. 

However, it is also important that we explore the ways of using text messages (hereafter, “SMS”) and how this can be a beneficial option in bringing more profit to the business when properly used and a dangerous tool when not applied effectively. 

According to a survey conducted by Validity, almost 40% of the respondents availed of a retail service, and 50% purchased an item after receiving a promotional SMS or a reminder of their deserted online cart through SMS. 

Additionally, when they receive customized messages from a retail store, nearly 90% are more likely to buy a product or try a service because of the sense of personalization. 

On the contrary, when SMS is done too frequently, it leads to customer annoyance, especially if they receive irrelevant messages. Respondents said they would stop checking out those retail stores, while some wrote negative reviews. 

Moreover, privacy concern is a significant factor. Some consumers fear their SMS data is being sold or vulnerable to scams. Yet, despite the thought of data risk, people would still subscribe to SMS for shipment updates or to receive special offers such as discounts and free options. 

Given these facts, the setbacks of using SMS outweigh the benefits it can provide to your retail store’s revenue. It only needs proper and strategic implementation of your marketing system. And this is where we at Retail Smart Guys come in. 

We can help personalize the texts sent to customers through our data pull and reports consolidation services. We will utilize your POS system to attain customer information without committing privacy breaches. 

From that, with our marketing services, we’ll guide you in complementing SMS into your business promotions, emails, and overall retailing system. 

We’ll ensure that your SMS venture fits customer communication preferences in terms of frequency, kind of content received, and many other considerations. 

Knowing how much people are into their phones and how rampantly available SMS has been throughout the years, it is definitely a must-have in your retail store’s marketing. 

Make sure your SMS marketing is on point. 

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