We have this common notion that money is the primary driving force behind everything we do. 

Although this can be true in some aspects, at present, this is inconsistent when it comes to working. 

Most studies indicate that employees identify money as the least motivating factor. This differs from what some retailers believe that money will attract people to work for them and stay for a long time. 

Knowing this, a change of mindset and practices needs to be done, especially that finding and keeping a great team of people is one of the most challenging tasks in retail. Hence, we’ll answer two vital questions in this article to address these concerns. 

1. How do you attract people to work for your retail business?

According to an executive recruiter, Neal Harrel, people prefer kinds of jobs from 1) an already successful business, 2) a company that has the pursuit to better the world, 3) a business that functions as an interesting industry, and 4) a company that offers present and future benefits and security to its people. 

With this, you must have a strong identity and message that would resonate well with potentially great employees. Oftentimes, when they see your business as closely knit to their personality, they consider you as an ideal choice. 

Remember, they will be with your brand most of the time. Hence, they better be part of something they genuinely prefer and love being with. 

2. How do you keep them?

As discussed earlier, money can be a factor but not a primary motivator for employee retention. Typically, one cannot tolerate stressful work for a high salary as most do not prefer their life to be miserable. 

They would rather stay when they feel the sense of being valued in the workplace. This entails employers looking after their staff, providing an engaging work environment, and investing in their growth. 

As an employer, you can make them feel important by conducting training to further their development. Also, they feel more appreciated when they are well compensated based on proper benchmarking. 

Retail Smart Guys can help you with these aspects, particularly by implementing proper training techniques, compensation plans, and benchmarks to measure employees. 

If you have these things attached to your retail business, together with excellent guidelines for hiring, promoting, and even terminating employees from Retail Smart Guys, you can navigate the staffing crisis with lesser issues. 

Finding the right one isn’t hard. 

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