With things almost returning to normal after a global health crisis, retailers like you need to prepare your brick-and-mortar stores to attract shoppers who wish to return to shopping in store.

As the competition with other retailers becomes stronger, you must find ways to stand out amongst the crowd.

To achieve this, here are four marketing tactics you can apply to boost foot traffic and sales for your retail business. 

  1. Create a product and window display

Display your products outside to attract customers walking in the streets or stuck in traffic. Having your best-selling items arranged in front of your shop or styling your windows fitted for every season or occasion can catch the attention of some passersby, eventually making them enter your stores to check for more. It’s critical that you change your window often, typically weekly, so that customers get the sense that something is always happening at your store.

  1. Make your store aesthetically pleasing

Some customers, especially those from Generation Z, go all the way just to “do it for the ‘gram.” This means that when your place is aesthetically pleasing and has a spot dedicated to capturing photos, you’ll attract people to take and post pictures of your business on their socials. This helps heighten your social visibility and encourage more customers to check your store out. 

  1. Be involved with the community 

Whenever there are activities in the community, such as festivals and events, you can take part by being a sponsor boosting your brand’s awareness or a vendor where you can sell your products. Since you will be limited on the number of items, sizes, designs, or color options you can provide in your pop-up shops, use this as an opportunity to direct them to your stores. 

  1. Advertise sales for in-store shopping only

Set up retail programs or sales that are only available in-store. This can be in the form of a giveaway or discounts that require your customers to see your shops personally, as these special offers can only be utilized in your physical stores. Aside from that, this will increase the chance they might purchase more items from your shelves. 

These four are just a few of the many ways you can increase foot traffic in your retail stores. 

While these tactics are effective as they already are, you can still have more for your store and even apply strategies that are perfectly fitted for the kind of business that you have if you work with Retail Smart Guys

The marketing strategy you deserve is something that defines your store’s unique selling proposition, messaging, and branding. In this way, your store will be known for what it is, not a copycat or a shadow of other brands. 

Furthermore, a marketing plan for increasing foot traffic from our services will help you attract more customers and make more sales, coupled with a marketing calendar, so you know what to do to get your message into the marketplace.

It’s time to have to make something unique for your business. 

Define your own marketing now with Retail Smart Guys