Dealing with a single retail store can already be a handful. How much more if you need to handle multiple stores? 

Going over your inventory, finances, open-to-buy planning, etc., more than once can be demanding, stressful, and complicated. 

Well, this can be true if you are not using the right approach in handling multi-store accounts. 

There are numerous ways you can deal with this, one of which is the by-store location approach, which we at Retail Smart Guys have already been using in our retail services for over a decade. 

So what is this by-store location method, and how can this be beneficial for you? 

Every store located in different areas, even if they are technically the same, is unique as it has its strengths and weaknesses. 

So, with a by-store location plan, retail owners can comprehensively view each store based on their sales trends, turns, differing customer bases, and more. From these variances, you can take advantage of more opportunities and handle costs in much better ways. 

For instance, you can transfer low-selling products to a different location with a higher demand for this item. With this, you can avoid having obsolete inventory and losing money. 

Aside from that, you can evaluate over-performing and under-performing stores, which can help balance your finances well. 

However, even if approaches like this exist, it is still difficult for some retailers to go over these things every month. 

That’s where Retail Smart Guys comes to the rescue. In handling your multiple stores, we will evaluate your inventory and, if needed, reclassify it to what you need to buy properly.

Apart from that, we offer a detailed monthly open-to-buy plan for each class by location. By doing this, we can reduce markdowns, speed up turns, and enhance your profitability.

We will ensure that with our services, we can provide you with proper inventory levels in all classes at all locations.

Indeed, our inventory planning services are well-crafted for multiple stores, making things easy and convenient for retailers like you. 

So, do you want to start optimizing your multi-store operation?

Retail Smart Guyshas the solution. 

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