Wouldn’t it be great to never have to worry about cash flow?  As much fun as it is to dream about that, the reality of the retail business is that the best retailers have to always keep track of cash flow to ensure the business is healthy.

In reality, a cash flow management plan is highly critical for every business. Without a proper cash flow system, your retail store can be susceptible to issues such as the inability to pay your suppliers, staff, and other necessities.  Insufficient cash flow could also keep you from receiving inventory that is critical to your store’s success, as it could send shoppers to other stores, or to the internet to find what they want.

According to the research conducted by Quickbooks, more than 60% of businesses worldwide encounter cash flow issues leading to failures and closing. 

Hence, this entails that retail cash flow management matters. 

Having a proper financial system allows you to monitor and maintain a gross profit margin in every sale, ensuring an adequate amount to cover your fees. 

Secondly, you can be protected from unexpected sales shortfalls. The inventory of products you stock for the coming season can inevitably be low in demand due to unforeseen changes in retail trends. With a good cash flow plan, you can foresee and overcome this downfall. 

Next, you can offer assurance to your vendors since you know when and who can be paid. This fosters good relationships with your employees and suppliers and allows them to feel secure in their work relationships with you. 

Furthermore, cash flow planning enables you to predict your business’s growth. Having a clear understanding of the money you have on hand, the money you expect to bring in, and the money you’ll have to spend, can help you make sound decisions. 

That being said, retailers like you need to start navigating the course of cash flow planning to avail yourself of its perks for your business. 

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We would not want you to keep taking more cash out from the bank, as our primary goal is to help our clients pay down debt (if there’s any), make sales, and expand the business further. 

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