Numbers don’t lie.” 

As a retailer, your inventory is your ultimate secret weapon and most powerful tool to achieve your financial goals.

However, some retailers realize this the hard way. Others do not bother looking at their POS reports or just choose to deal with these things themselves, which unfortunately results in bad buys, errors, and financial losses. 

There’s nothing wrong with pursuing do-it-yourself (DIY), only if you are a financial guru. If not, human errors are highly expected. You are prone to misentering a number, formula, data, and such because of the lack of knowledge in the field. Also, your forecasts could be skewed by your preferences, and not by actual data.

So, you must ensure data accuracy in all aspects of your retail business, especially when dealing with your merchandise and open-to-buy (OTB) plan. 

Inventory is where you spend the most money, so you need to guarantee that your finances are well-managed, as it is vital for your success. 

But if you are having second thoughts right now, you need to hand it to the experts, like Retail Smart Guys

Our Merchandise and OTB Planning services are well-curated by integrating your business data into our reliable software. 

We make sure to analyze your inventory and do reclassification when needed based on what you need to buy property. 

From that, we can provide you with a detailed monthly OTB plan for each class (by location for multi-store retailers). 

This plan is not just handed to you right after the process of doing analysis, as we verify it furthermore with our highly knowledgeable retail experts and planners. 

If you think of planning to take the DIY road without mastery of this track, you need to rethink your decisions. 

Better proceed to a future-leading roadmap with no money wasted. 

This is a clear path towards success, with Retail Smart Guys as your tour guide.