How do POS systems Contribute to your Inventory and Customer Satisfaction?

Customers go to stores because of what you mainly offer them: great products and services. Conversely, if you don’t have enough inventory, or if you have the wrong inventory, you also don’t have customers entering your retail stores. 

This being said, it is important to have an adequate supply of the best items in your inventory and a timely purchasing order process to meet customer demands and expectations.  It’s also how you can properly manage your vendor relationships to make sure you get timely shipments. 

Honestly, these things are basic knowledge most retailers already know in doing business. In actuality, the main problem here is how independent retailers maintain being timely and adequate in their stores as they are mostly occupied with other tasks. 

The answer: Automation and Outsourcing 

In this digital age, skip the old-school way of managing your inventory, such as using pen, paper, receipts, and spreadsheets. Instead, make use of the benefits of your Point-of-Sale (POS) System for your stock control and purchase orders. 

With a POS system, your sales will sync with your stock data. This technology automatically updates the product quantity in your system, reflecting what you have in-store. 

Since everything will be automated, the possibility of human error is reduced from manually writing, counting, or noting records. Also, digitizing your system allows you to access inventory information anytime and anywhere. 

Relatedly, when your stock control is organized through your POS system, doing purchase order entry becomes more efficient. 

Typically, POS systems come with a feature that generates purchase orders that can be sent to your suppliers easily. When orders arrive, you can simply mark them ‘received,’ which will translate and update your stock number accordingly. 

Indeed, POS systems are every retailer’s best friend in making things better. 

So, if you plan to apply these features to your benefit, start knowing your technological options now. Retail Smart Guys, an outsourcing company, will help retailers like you navigate POS system features that can be overwhelming for some. 

With our Data Pull and Reports Consolidation service, you can generate and consolidate products, inventory, and sales reports in Shopify and pull received orders in Stocky. 

Losing customers because of poor inventory and purchase orders process is no fun. 

Work your way out with Retail Smart Guys to get things done.