Entering purchase orders is one of the tasks most retailers hate doing. Just thinking about working on it is already exhausting, especially since most retailers want to be on the sales floor with customers. 

However, you might not realize that having all your purchase orders entered can help your business grow and even save you from possible daunting situations in the future. 

First, entering purchase orders gives you reports to tell you what you have already spent in the marketplace, and can help you predict your accounts payable expenses.  By entering your purchased orders, you can manage your budget, oversee how much you need to sell to pay bills and gain profit. 

Second, when the goods arrive, it enables you to get them on the floor faster, because most of the data is already entered into your POS system.  As you know, getting new goods on the floor faster is key to better retail sales.  Customers like new goods, so we want to get them out quickly.  Also, if the PO is entered in advance, a staff member can do the receiving, instead of the owner or buyer having to manually enter all the information, again speeding up the flow of new goods to the sales floor.  

Aside from financial concerns, having a purchase order system helps you ensure that your vendors ship you on time.  You can use the reports from your POS system to keep up with when the vendors are shipping, and ensure that they are shipping you when promised. 

With all these benefits, you must definitely want to work on your purchase orders now!  But if you don’t want to do it yourselves, Retail Smart Guys can do it for you!

With our team’s broad knowledge of using various POS programs, combined with our  experiences working with clients internationally, you can rest assured that your purchase orders will be entered quickly, efficiently, and correctly!

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