For retailers, the fourth quarter is considered the biggest time of the year. Is your company ready for it? Here are the five ways to finish the year successfully! 

#1 Craft your marketing plan

Plan your marketing schedule not to miss any key opportunities to sell. A new marketing strategy from Retail Smart Guys focuses on defining your store’s unique selling proposition, messaging, and branding, effectively attracting customers and sales. A marketing calendar is included to guide you on how to put your message on the market.  

#2 Prepare your inventory 

Heavy foot traffic is about to come, so work on your inventory ahead to know what’s selling and not to avoid losses. Get this done stress-free with Retail Smart Guys. We give inventory planning based on your needs with a detailed purchasing budget to grow your profit. Do not miss out on a FREE inventory analysis for your first hour of setup. 

#3 Forecast your sales 

Establishing your sales forecast for the most anticipated quarter of the year helps your company to be ready for what’s about to happen— including the number of customers you’ll have, products about to sell, or employees to pay. Quickly settle this by checking out Retail Smart Guys, 94% accurate in sales forecasting over 500 doors. 

#4 Boost your online presence

Holiday overload during this quarter gives overflowing sales for retailers like you. Make the most of the holiday season by taking advantage of the social media content creation and posting and explainer video services from Retail Smart Guys. Never leave out chances to advertise at the lowest price in the market. 

#5 Prepare your workforce 

The hectic work can be overwhelming for your employees. Train them and provide for their needs to finish the year strong. Hire seasonal workers to keep up with the influx of tasks. Handle your people using solid hiring, promotion, and terminating policies with training techniques and compensation systems from Retail Smart Guys.