The Christmas Secret That Only A Few Retailers Know
I hope you had a wonderful holiday season. I hope that your stores beat their sales goals, and that you had an incredible amount of fun this month. And certainly, I hope you had a little time to spend with friends and family to enjoy the fruits of the holiday.

But here’s something that you may not have known. While the sales leading up to Christmas day are often phenomenal, some of the best selling that you can do happens the week after Christmas!

This is the time to take a well-placed markdown to drive in people who have cash to spend, either from gift cards they were given, or cash they were given. So figure out where you’re heavy in inventory, find a way to mark it down and promote it, and make the 26th through the 31st as memorable as the first part of the month.

I would suggest promoting it through Facebook. You can run a promotion that is some version of, “The Get what you REALLY wanted for Christmas Sale!” Apply your own ingenuity and creativity, and you’ll have a winner.

Also, make sure that your staff is prepared. Yes, there will be returns, but those returns should be converted into sales of other product in your stores, add-ons, etc. This is a time to convert returns into life long customers by providing better service than they expect.