Tucson, Arizona (May 1, 2012) – Retail Smart Guys, a retail consulting firm specializing in open-to-buy planning, inventory control, and cash flow management, has once again won the top sales award from Management One, a national sales and consulting firm specializing in retail planning. The award was announced at Management One’s national affiliate conference.

“We are proud to have won this award again,” said Dan Jablons, President of Retail Smart Guys. “We are very focused on helping retailers plan their businesses better so that they recognize higher profits and superior cash flow. This award validates that we are doing just that.”

This is not the first time that Retail Smart Guys has one this award. They have won it 4 out of the last 5 years. “We will never live down the one year we didn’t win” laughs Dave Leib, Mr. Jablons’ partner in the company. “We win this award as often as we do because we are great listeners. We listen to what our customers need, and we work extremely hard to ensure their needs are satisfied, their businesses grow, and their cash flow is improved.”

“Dan Jablons and Dave Leib are top performers, not just in sales, but most importantly in the implementation and successful guidance they provide their clients utilizing the Management One process,” said Marc Weiss, Managing Director of Management One. “As the founders of Retail Smart Guys they are motivated by their passion to create greater profits, peace of mind and growth to independent specialty retailers. This commitment to excellence is a big part of their success both in sales and client performance.” Mr. Weiss and his partner Evan Wise, gave the award to Retail Smart Guys this past weekend.

“Of course, we still have more retailers that we want to work with,” said Jablons. “Our focus on the west coast is San Diego and Orange Counties. They have been hit hardest by the recession, and those retailers need our help. Given the depth of experience that we have, and our passion for retail, we are the best ones to help these retailers and are approaching them now.” Leib agrees with Jablons, but also said, “We are equally focused on New York City. We have an excellent consultant based there, ready to help those retailers too!”

Jablons and Leib expect to win the award next year as well. “We win this award because we stay focused on improvements at the retail level. As long as we stay focused on our customers, we find that our customers have better businesses, and we win awards. Everybody wins!” said Jablons.

For more information, www.retailsmartguys.com.


Retail Smart Guys is a consulting firm, specializing in assisting retail stores with their inventory planning and open to buy. The firm was started by Dan Jablons, who has 30 years of experience working in and consulting with retail companies, from single-store mom-and-pop operations to major retail chains. He has also worked extensively with point-of-sale systems, including Retail Pro, QuickBooks Point of Sale, and Microsoft Dynamics. For more information, contact Retail Smart Guys at 818-720-2585 or visit www.retailsmartguys.com Retail Smart Guys is an affiliate of Management One, which provides planning and services for retailers around the country.