Consulting firm Retail Smart Guys (RSG), which provides open-to-buy and inventory planning, is now offering a retail recruiting service just in time to help specialty retailers staff up for the holiday season.

RSG decided to add a new division specializing in recruiting to its suite of services after several clients reported that they “would do anything to find good salespeople.” Dan Jablons, president of Retail Smart Guys, said, “We are always looking for ways to help our customers’ businesses. Given all of our connections in the marketplace, this is a natural extension of what we do.”

Joining RSG as a recruiter is Lori Jablons, who has partnered with Dan on more than one occasion, helping him to fill key positions in other companies that where Dan has worked. “Lori has incredible intuition when it comes to people,” continued Jablons. “She has an extraordinary ability for spotting talent quickly and can get anyone to talk, which are both vital in recruiting.”

RSG plans to offer the service at low introductory rates to specialty retailers who need this service most of all. “Rarely can a specialty retailer afford to have a professional recruit for them. We’ve made sure any retailer can afford this.” In addition, RSG will put the candidates through their sales training program at no charge to either the candidate or the retailer. “We want them selling from the moment they walk onto the sales floor,” continued Jablons.

Though recruiting sales associates for specialty retailers will comprise the bulk of the clientele for RSG’s new division, RSG expects to help retailers staff higher-level positions as well, including store managers, district managers and creative personnel such as web designers.