Mobile Coupons – 30 Million iPhone users can’t be wrong!
We just got back from ICSC (International Council of Shopping Centers), and we had an amazing experience. We learned how shopping center owners and managers are dealing with the economic downturn, and we are prepared to help.

But we learned something else, too: We learned that all the retailers there were interested in one thing: MOBILE COUPONS! Getting coupons on your phone is the next marketing blitz, and there isn’t a retailer out there that doesn’t want it. Why? Consider this: do you go anywhere without your phone?

To respond to this need, we are providing retailers (and restaurants) with YOWZA!! This is a free program on the iPhone and iTouch (30 million people have them), which is just amazing. Here are the key facts:

• 30 Million people have an iPhone or an iTouch.
• Yowza is a free download to your iPhone or iTouch. As of this writing, it is the third most popular download in the lifestyle area (third out of 1,800 – impressive)
• Consumers can find out which stores are offering special deals within 1, 5, or 15 miles of where they are right now. They show the coupon on the phone to the retailer (talk about “green” – no printed coupons!). The phone even shows a barcode that can be scanned by most point of sale systems.
• The benefit to the consumer is obvious – they get their discount right away.
• The benefits to the retailer are huge!
• Retailers get to promote their business to local customers.
• Retailers get great data about their offerings, including the demographics of the people that use them, how many impressions the coupon had, and how many people actually used the coupon!
• Retailers can get this new technology at a ridiculously low price.

In this day and age, when retailers are trying to figure out how to get more sales, this is a no brainer. It’s cheap to get into it, it’s already proven effective in many markets, and hits your customers right where they live!