Celebrating The Creativity of Specialty Retailers
As the Holiday Season approaches, every retailer out there does something special or unique to attract customers to their store. Some use incredible decorations, others have wild promotions. There are also tons of in-store events that happen now.

Certainly our customers do plenty of this, and I am always awe-struck at the creativity and ingenuity that the specialty retailer musters up at times like this. It’s not easy running a specialty retail business – the unending details alone can be maddening – but when our customers find new and exciting ways to promote their stores, generate excitement in the marketplace, and help their vendors promote their brands, it’s a revelation to me.

It reminds me of why I work in this particular marketspace. Yes, I’ve worked with much larger retailers in the past. And I could just as easily work there again. But it would not nearly be as much fun as working with the smaller guys.

They make the experience unique, special, and fun. They treat their customers like gold (which they are). They fight for every dollar, work harder than anyone else I know, and do more to create joy during the holiday season than their neighbors, who appear to be just “going through the motions.”

So this is my toast to you, my specialty retail friends. May this holiday season be the best you’ve ever had. May you continue to grow, flourish, and prosper. And may your creativity and joy know no boundaries.