Wow! How many times have you all heard about or felt this personally? I assume many of you have heard this time and time again! So what’s the reason for this pain and downfall of cash for the independent retailer?

Two words: Inventory and expenses! You can be the most cutting edge, forward thinking buyer, but regardless of your expertise at picking the right goods you bury yourself without having an accurate scientifically forecasted inventory and purchasing plan each and every month to guide your buy and monitor your cash in and out.

You need the roadmap that connects the dots between buying the right stuff, knowing how much you can spend on expenses, and keeping the balance and flow of these elements in your store.

When the savvy independent retailer wakes up and let’s go of a bit of ego, stops shooting from the hip and guessing on what, how much and when to land their goods, the money will flow into their pockets; not out of them.

Open to buy planning and forecasting that is based on what is happening around the nation in your world of retail is the only way to get there!


Retail Smart Guys is a consulting firm, specializing in assisting retail stores with their inventory planning and open to buy. The firm was started by Dan Jablons, who has 30 years of experience working in and consulting with retail companies, from single-store mom-and-pop operations to major retail chains. He has also worked extensively with point-of-sale systems, including Retail Pro, QuickBooks Point of Sale, and Microsoft Dynamics. For more information, contact Retail Smart Guys at 818-720-2585 or visit Retail Smart Guys is an affiliate of Management One, which provides planning and services for retailers around the country.