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    How do you think the second half of 2019 will be for your store?

    The first half of 2019 was certainly, well, interesting. Nearly every retailer I talk to tells me that it wasn’t great. Weather played a significant part for many stores, and although those kinds of events are typically followed by a spike in sales, many retailers tell me that they never saw the spike. That means the second half has to make up for what the first half lacked. Right? And then, there is next year, which is an election year. Right around the time of the election, buying habits get very strange. No matter where you sit in the political spectrum, nervousness about the candidates and the election outcome sometimes…

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    Great Webinar Tomorrow!

    Hey Retailers! Check out this webinar, happening tomorrow, Tuesday, January 22nd @ 2:00pm EST (11:00am) PST: Industry Secrets with Dan at Retail Smart Guys Not every retailer is suffering in this economy. There are many that are actually very profitable and have great cash flow. In this economy, now is the time to get a competitive edge and increase market share. Discover the industry secrets that successful retailers know, and learn how to implement these changes into your business to find better cash flow, better profitability, and more fun at your stores. Dan will also offer everyone who attended an entire hour of free consulting to everyone who joined, to…

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    The ONE tool the best retailers use!

    I’m writing you in the middle of Black Friday weekend, because there is something you should know, and it’s this. My average customer is up 10.3% in year to date sales, and is doing it with 13% less inventory. That means that they have more cash in the bank.  It means they are able to raise the capital to compete against Amazon and other internet sites, as well as any other competitors who could be trying to steal market share. It’s because we have the best merchandise planning tool in the industry.  We provide the most accurate sales forecasting (combined with Artificial Intelligence) and inventory planning for independent retailers.  Ask…

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    If you are attending the Magic Show, come to this seminar

    Hello Friends, For those of you who are attending the Magic Show in Las Vegas, I am presenting a seminar that I think you will like. It’s called “What Happens in Vegas Stays In Vegas…Oh, Really?” The seminar will cover how to get more market share, how to get more margin, and how to know what lines are really hot at the show. The seminar will give you some great ideas that you can immediately use at Magic to help your business survive and thrive in the face of the upcoming uncertain economic climate. Plus, you get a free breakfast! How about that! The seminar is being given at 8:00…