I’m doing a webinar – tell your friends!

With the economy in shambles you’d have to be crazy to start your own business, right? Wrong! This is a great time to work for yourself but do you know where to start?

Do you know the difference between an LLC and an S-Corp?

Do you know how to take advantage of this rough economy?

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Wouldn’t It Be Nice To Worry A Little Less?

This last year has been crazy for retailers, and it’s certainly been a rocky ride, hasn’t it? The “new normal” does not mean that we’ve all succombed to living inside a mental prison filled with worry, remorse (“Why did I get into this business?”) and disaster. There are bright spots, you know. But you have […]

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Saturday Night Live and Retail

This past week, Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Update had this joke. Seth Meyers said, “The Dow Jones Industrial Average broke 10,000 this week. ‘Hooray!’ shouted 15 million unemployed Americans!” Funny in an ironic way, right? I am often struck by the tremendous variations in things I read, or opinions I hear, about the current state […]

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Is Social Networking right for you?

Most people believe in social networking to a degree. They think that it’s a good idea, but don’t focus enough of their business on it. I used to think that way too – I thought it was “cute” but didn’t give it enough credit for helping retailers generate sales. Recently I changed my tune. I […]

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Retail Smart Guys will be at the LA Gift Show!

Hello all! Retail Smart Guys has a booth at the LA Gift show. Our booth number is 2059, and we are right on the corner of aisle 2100. Please come by and say hello! We will be talking about merchandise planning, open to buy, and a cool new way to market retail stores using the […]

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A group worth supporting

Hello all, OK, I don’t often promote lots of groups out there, but this one is definitely near and dear to the Retail Smart Guys’ hearts. Check out http://www.the350project.net which is a group that supports independent retail stores. It’s called the 3/50 project because it encourages people to spend $50 in 3 independent retail stores […]

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