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    Great Webinar Tomorrow!

    Hey Retailers! Check out this webinar, happening tomorrow, Tuesday, January 22nd @ 2:00pm EST (11:00am) PST: Industry Secrets with Dan at Retail Smart Guys Not every retailer is suffering in this economy. There are many that are actually very profitable and have great cash flow. In this economy, now is the time to get a competitive edge and increase market share. Discover the industry secrets that successful retailers know, and learn how to implement these changes into your business to find better cash flow, better profitability, and more fun at your stores. Dan will also offer everyone who attended an entire hour of free consulting to everyone who joined, to…

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    Get More Cash Out Of Your Business By Doing Three Things

    www.surfexpo.com Arrive and Thrive! Friday, January 10th, 11:30 am Get More Cash Out Of Your Business By Doing Three Things,        Presented by Dan Jablons, President, Retail Smart Guys Want more cash? Of course you do. But how can you get more cash out of your business? In this presentation, returning speaker Dan Jablons of Retail Smart Guys shows you three things that everyone can adjust in your business to help you free up significant dollars and improve your cash flow.

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    Retail Smart Guys offer Holiday Sales Tips!

    Hello all, As we get ready for Turkey Day and Black Friday, we’re thankful and excited about all the  great tips we have to offer you! Tips: One of the best times to go on sale is the week immediately following Christmas. Don’t wait until January when everyone else is running clearance sales. Many shoppers receive cash for the holidays, and they want to spend it wisely. If you go on sale right after Christmas, you can do some incredible volume. Another tip: one of the most successful ‘sleeper’ sales we have seen stores do is a Super Bowl sale. Especially good for women’s boutiques. We predict this shopping season…