Things I Should Have Told You – About Retail Blogging (including the price!)

We got a lot of great response to the launch of  We also got a lot of questions.  So I figured I’d answer them all in this post.

WRITING: The writing is being done by a professional writer and editor, who has many years of experience in fashion magazines.  Her writing is stellar, and if you’d like to see samples of it you can check out her own blog at

POSTING: If you have already set up your own blog, we post to that.  If you don’t have a blog but want one, we’ll create one for you for free.

MORE POSTING: Besides posting to your blog, we’ll also post to blogs that relate to your product.  For example, if you have a women’s contemporary store, we’ll post to those types of fashion blogs. 

PRICING: Probably one of the most attractive parts about the program is the price.  It’s only $45 per post!  If you buy in bulk, you get even better pricing.

OK, so what are you waiting for?  Check out right now. 

Dan Jablons
Retail Smart Guys
Cell: 818-720-2585