The ONE tool the best retailers use!

I’m writing you in the middle of Black Friday weekend, because there is something you should know, and it’s this.

My average customer is up 10.3% in year to date sales, and is doing it with 13% less inventory.

That means that they have more cash in the bank.  It means they are able to raise the capital to compete against Amazon and other internet sites, as well as any other competitors who could be trying to steal market share.

It’s because we have the best merchandise planning tool in the industry.  We provide the most accurate sales forecasting (combined with Artificial Intelligence) and inventory planning for independent retailers.  Ask any one of our clients (they are all, every single one, a reference!).

You’ve been on my blog, or my email list for a while now.  Still, we have not done business.  Aren’t you just a little curious as to what we believe the possibilities for your business are?  It’s FREE to find out!

In 2019, your store(s) will need to be different.  We could help you achieve better sales and better cash flow.

Contact me, and I will help you.

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