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Here are some other sites that we think you should visit.  They are great resources!

Retail Smart Guys Blog - Check out the latest in our blog discussions about open to buy, inventory planning, point of sale, and all things retail!
Retail Blogging - Our Newest service!  You know you should be blogging, but maybe you don't know how to get started, plus you don't have time to write the posts. Well, let us do it for you!  Check out for more info.
Retail Help Desk - We created a help desk for retailers, so that any questions about retail can get fast, accurate answers.  If you need help with inventory, forecasting, systems, personnel, or marketing, here are your free answers.  Check it out!
WhizBang Retail Training - This is a great retail training program put together by our friends at WhizBang.  Special price if you use the link here! 
Factory Outlet Insiders News, Updates and Promotions about the Factory Outlet Industry
GraniteTelecommunications - Came to us highly recommended, especially for multi store accounts.  They manage all your phone lines and telecommunications, with one point of contact.  Call Michael Anderson at 212-674-4661 for more info. - Everything you always wanted to know about barcodes in retail, manufacturing and more! Great site with lots of information and suggestions. Has a free online bar code generator. - A great site to let you know what is happening in the world of POS right now. Also good to find local POS vendors and products.
Management One - This company provides the greatest consulting and management service that we've ever seen.  That's why we became an affiliate of theirs!
When To Work Scheduling Program - This company provides fantastic online scheduling for employees.  Worth taking a look!
Yowza!! is a free application that sends electronic coupons to iPhone and iPod touch users in your stores' geographic area, allowing you to communicate directly with your core customers.
Wholesale Central provides incredible listings of wholesale providers.  Worth checking out!
Thumbtack - We are a member of this community, and we recommend that all of you join it!

Physical Inventory Support Services - Sara Roberts Support Services (SRSS) specializes in providing accurate and efficient processes and solutions for auditing and performing any type of physical inventory.

Great Backup Solution - If you are looking for a phenomenal (and I mean, phenomenal) backup solution for your data, I have found it for you.  Check out this link.
Retail Clarity Consulting - The design of the physical expression of your brand -- in all its manifestations -- must be done strategically... and Retail Clarity Consulting can help you make your brand meaningful... and extraordinary.
Retail Dimensions - These guys provide web integrations for ecommerce as well as custom software solutions.  Their service is impeccable.
Profits Plus - This site provides tools and education to help retail businesses work smarter.
Retail Trade Consulting  - We are listed here! 
DionCo Inc. - A website specializing in retail selling skills and trends.

Retail Rev - Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing, specifically for retailers.  If you have an ecommerce site, they can get you traffic.

Total Mail Defense - A great time saving solution to stop email spam, email viruses, and mal-ware.

Something Directory. We are listed under Business Performance Improvement category
The 3/50 Project - This project supports independent retail, and we love their concept!  Check out their site.
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